See Spot Sit for the iPhone and iPod touch

Use your phone to train your dog...

Note: See Spot Sit is a "Good Karma" product. 10% of all proceeds will be donated to the American Humane Association.

Imagine a happy dog and their happy human companion walking side by side down the street! With See Spot Sit, you and your dog can reach this goal. See Spot Sit is a fully customizable, complete dog training tool based upon Clicker Training.

Clicker Training is a teaching method that provides an immediate positive reward in the form of a sound letting your dog know they have "done good". Clicker Training does more than reinforce desirable behavior, it actually engages your dog in an active learning process. Spot sits, causing the click. Spot likes the reward and chooses to sit again, Click. Spot is acting on her world and getting positive results. And you have a happy well “learned” dog.

See Spot Sit allows you to train your dog, track progress, and much more. No other clicker training app offers the versatility or unique features of this application. This reward-based dog training method is based on sound behavioral principles and promotes a positive relationship between human and canine.

With See Spot Sit you can teach your dog quickly to sit, stay, and come. Additional features allow you to get your pup’s attention and let her know when she is “barking up the wrong tree.” You can add distractions, keep track of the training session, and plan lessons for the next day. References for learning in detail about Clicker Training concepts are provided. These ideas are so effective they can be used to change behavior in children, partners, the boss, and even cats!

See Spot Sit has four unique training features:
  1. Click or Reward Marker
  2. Try Again or No Reward Marker
  3. Attention Getting and/or Proofing Feature
  4. Dog Training Log and Lesson Planner

The Click/Reward Marker and Try Again Marker can be customized to meet the preferences of the human-animal team.
  • Traditional Click
  • Pavlov's Bell
  • Female Verbal Marker
  • Male Verbal Marker

The Attention-Getting/Proofing feature makes 25 irresistible sounds you use either to get your dog’s attention, or to provide distractions to determine how well Spot knows his lessons. Sounds include:
  • Doorbell
  • Door Knock
  • Car Keys Jingling
  • Dogs Barking
  • Cat Meow
  • Toys Squeaking
  • Whistles

The Dog Log lets you keep track of training sessions and includes a lesson planning feature for multiple dogs. The log tracks exercises that will prepare Fido for the AKC Canine Good Citizen exam and allows you to add your own exercises.

The Training Log allows you to record:
  • Dog's name
  • Date
  • Exercises Practiced
  • Number of Repetitions
  • Number of Correct Responses
  • Level of Training Distraction
  • Lesson Planning Function