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Jurtle Lessons - Table of Contents


1. Introduction
2. Hello World!
3. A Bit About Objects
4. A Bit More About Objects
5. Flow of Execution
6. Working With Turtles
7. Specifying Colors in Java
8. A Personalized Turtle
9. Anatomy of a Class File
10. Basics of the Java Language
11. Flow Control
12. Methods - Creation and Use
13. Reading the Javadoc API
14. Compilation Errors
15. Strings in Java
16. What Next?

A Note About Downloading Examples Used in the Lessons:

Several of the following lessons have example files that go along with them. These are referenced at the top of each page. You can download the files individually by clicking the linked text in the browser and dragging it into Jurtle's Class List on the left side of the main window. This will cause the linked file to be downloaded into the current directory. Alternatively, you can click the URL icon to the left of the current URL in the browser and drag it into the Class List. This will cause Jurtle to display a list of all programming files referenced on the web page. You can then choose to download whichever ones you want to the current directory.

You might consider creating a separate directory in your Jurtle Workspace to hold the files from this tutorial. To do so:

  1. Click the "Load Workspace Home" button above the Class List. This ensures you have the Jurtle Workspace loaded as the current directory.
  2. Click the "Create Directory..." toolbar button and type a name (say, "Jurtle Tutorial") into the dialog. Click OK to create the directory and automatically select it
  3. Click the "Load subdirectory" button above the Class List to load teh newly created directory.
  4. Now you are ready to start dragging any example file into Jurtle.

Linux Users!!!  The Drag and Drop features in Jurtle described above do not work on Linux.