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What Next?

If you have worked through all the lessons up to this point, you should have a basic familiarity with the Java language.  You should now be able to examine most of the Turtles in the Examples folder and understand what they are doing.  With what you know now you can write some pretty sophisticated Turtles, and we encourage you to do just that.  Nevertheless, we have covered only a portion of the Java language and an even smaller portion of the API of the standard Java libraries. 

To learn more about Java you can:

  • Read Sun's free on-line Java Tutorial.  This tutorial is extensive and will go into much more detail than has been possible in these lessons. You can find entried for several of these tutorials in Jurtle's Tutorials menu.
  • Join the Yahoo Jurtle Users Group where you can ask questions and share code.
  • Study the Java APIs that may be found here.  The packages you may find most useful are java.awt, java.lang, java.math and java.util.
  • Collaborate with your friends.  Programming can be a social exercise.  You can learn much by talking with others and studying the code they wrote.
  • Write as much Java code as you can.  Like anything else, you will improve with practice.  Take the Examples and modify them to do something new and interesting.
  • Above all, have fun!