Release Notes

Version 1.8.1(12/31/2004)
  • Fixed a bug that prevented invoking the LeJOS compiler on certain systems.

Version 1.8(12/31/2004)
  • You can now use Jurtle to program the Lego MindStorms Robotic system. After installing the LeJOS operating system on the RCX brick, you can program the brick using Java. Jurtle will automatically use the special LeJOS compiler and then download your compiled programs to the RCX for running.
  • Added a "Copy Picture to Clipboard" button to the Display pane. This allows you to easily capture to output of your creation and paste it into a drawing program or other application.
  • Added two new Preferences tabs. The Advanced tab lets you choose which compiler you want to use and there is also a field for specifying any extra compiler options. The LeJOS tab is for configuring the LeJOS Mindstorms environment.
  • Fixed a performance problem when loading a directory with more than 500 items in it.
  • Jurtle no longer installs the custom security manager that prevented user code from calling System.exit() and causing Jurtle to exit. The custom manager was causing some performance problems when the user's directory was on a remote file system.
  • Fixed a bug that happened when the Turtle's display area was closed up so that it had zero height.
  • Jurtle no longer displays the current license string in the License dialog.
  • Minor fixes for compatibility with Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger).
  • Fixed problem where the Java compiler wasn't always found when using a 1.4 Java release.
  • Fixed application hang when licensing Jurtle when running under Java 1.5
  • Fixed several typos in the documentation.
Version 1.7(12/31/2004)
  • Changed the evaluation method from 10 minutes per session to a straight 7 day evaluation period.
  • Added version number and clickable suport link to the splash window.
  • Made changes to the code to allow use of Java 1.5 on Windows.
  • New installer.
  • Many small interface tweaks.

Version 1.6.2(6/23/2004)
  • If a running Turtle encounters a runtime error, the entire stack trace is now printed rather than just the error.
  • Fixed a bug where if a new class was created while the Display tab was visible, the display would become garbled when the code was run for the first time.

Version 1.6.1(6/22/2004)
  • Fixed a problem wtih modification times of files copied to the Examples directory. The wrong times made it look like the Java files weren't compiled when they actually were.
  • Removed the text field in the Preferences dialog where you specify where the Jurtle_Workspace directory is created. This feature was never implemented. You can, however, still set this path as an admin preference.
  • Modified the "check for newer version" code to allow for a third "point" release number (e.g. 1.6.1).

Version 1.6(6/16/2004)
  • Jurtle now has a concept of the Jurtle Workspace directory. It is designed to be a convenient location to keep all your Jurtle-related work. If it is not already there, this directory is automatically created for you in your home directory when the application starts up. A copy to the Examples directory is also automatically copied into the Jurtle Workspace. This allows you to modify example programs without changing the examples for other users.
  • We've added some new buttons above the current directory class list. One that makes the Jurtle Workspace directory the current directory and one that opens the current directory in an OS file browser window.
  • The Jurtle Lessons are now handled in a totally new way. The Lessons menu has been renamed to "Tutorials". There are menu entries for: (1) taking you to the Examples directory in you r Workspace, (2) opening the Jurtle Lessons Table of Contents in a browser, and (3) entries for several Javasoft tutorials.
  • The Class list now supports drag and drop onto it. If you drag a directory onto the list, you are asked if you want to (1) copy the directory and all its contents into the current directory or (2) load the directory making it the new current directory. If you drag a file onto the list, you are asked if you want to (1) copy the file into the current directory or (2) load the directory that contains the file. If you drag and drop a web page URL from a browser it will construct a list of all the programming files and assets referenced on the page and ask if you want them downloaded to the current directory. If you drag and drop a URL to a Java file or other assert it will just download it to the current directory. This makes it very easy to import code you find on the web (or in tutorials) into Jurtle for editing and execution.
  • Added icon to directory entries in current directory listing. This helps visually distinguish directories from class files. Now display image files, .zip files and .jar files in the class list since they are common program assets. Assets also have a distinctive icon in the current directory listing.
  • Several bug fixes.

Version 1.5(4/15/2004)
  • Added a getDisplayContainer() method to Turtle class and changed the code to support adding controls or other components to this display container. See the PolySpiral example for an example of how to use this.
  • There is a new dialog that is shown when creating a new class. This dialog lets you set the class name and the template to be used at the same time. Removed the File>New submenu and replaced it with a New... item that brings up this dialog. Removed the Preference dialog setting for the default template. The last template used is now automatically remembered.
  • Jurtle now supports creating applets. There is an option in the New Class dialog that lets you choose an applet templete when creating the new class.
  • Added support for running applets. Jurtle will automatically create a skeleton HTML file to run the applet. The applet can be run in either the browser or Sun's appletviewer.
  • Added CompleteWord command that will try to complete the word to the left of the insertion point by canning the current buffer looking for words that start with those characters. This saves having to retype long identifiers used in your code.
  • Enabled Print command when there is running Turtle (or other code).
  • Changed the way we allocate the offscreen buffer that the turtle draws into. The new method should be more universally compatible.
  • Fixed bug where non-turtle programs that printed to System.out sometimes did not get all their output captured in the Console. You could also get the "Execution Finished" message before all the output appeared.
  • Fixed potential problem that may have prevented you from running non-turtle classes under Windows and Linux. This same problem could have prevented the generation of javadoc under these same operating systems.
  • Added a warning dialog that is displayed if you keep trying to change a file that is read-only.
  • On Mac OS X we now use native FileDialog rather than the Swing JFileChooser when the user loads a new directory. This solves a problem with JFileChooser being excesively slow on Mac OS X when the user's home directory is on a remote server.

Version 1.4 (3/4/2004)
  • Fixed bug where the divider in the Display tab would jump to the top of the pane if there was a lot of text in the Console from a previous run.
  • You can now compile and generate javadoc for classes that are not in the default package.
  • Changed the way we invoke the compiler and javadoc. No longer need to update the configuration file on Windows before compiling or javadocing the first time.
  • Added subtabs to the Errors Tab. One subtab displays the errors parsed into separate clickable errors. The other subtab shows the errors as Raw text as before.
  • Changed the way we open URL's for display in a browser. This change now works on both Windows 98 and ME allowing Jurtle to support that platform.
  • Added navigation to the class list on the left side of the main window. The list now displays subdirectories that you can double click to drill down into. There is also a button to go up to the parent directory.
  • Added getPenWidth() method to Turtle.
  • Better support for running non-Turtle classes. Non-Turtles are now run in their own thread of execution. This allows the UI to be more responsive while they are running.

Version 1.3 (2/24/2004)
  • On Mac OS X, Jurtle now stores the licensing information in "/Library/Application Support". This should eliminate having to reenter the license information when you update Jurtle to a new version. On Windows this isn't an issue because the installer doesn't overwrite the license info.
  • A new "Find Selection" command was added. It copies the currently selected text to the Find/Replace dialog and executes a "Find Next" command.
  • Added a menu command to check the Otherwise web site for newer versions of Jurtle.
  • Added preference setting to enable automatic checking for newer versions of Jurtle at startup.
  • When Jurtle is restarted, the turtle that was selected when it was quit is now reselected.
  • Added a preference for which code template is used when doing a "New" operation.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the divider in the Display tab from being moved all the way to one side or the other.
  • Corrected the section of the User Manal that talked about how to customize the Lessons menu. The manual previously documented an older implementation.
  • Fixed the script that is used to launch Jurtle on Linux or other Unix systems. Corrected a typo, added tools.jar to the classpath, and added a method to specify the browser to be used.
  • Added support for admin preferences that apply to all users. Currently you can specify the path to the Lesson directory and the path to the user preferences.
  • Fixed bug that prevented you from typing backspace in the font size preference.

Version 1.2 (1/2/2004)
  • Fixed bug that prevented Jurtle from running on Java VMs earlier than 1.4.
  • Added button to License Panel for sending Feedback/Suggestions
  • Added menu command for sending Suggestions/Bug Reports
  • Removed Admin Preferences Panel. Jurtle now automatically sets the location of the tools.jar file.
  • Added new examples Swarm and Koch to the Examples directory.
  • When Jurtle is first run with a new user, we now make sure the Examples folder is added to the Recent Folders menu.

Version 1.1 (11/21/2003)
  • Added MouseWheel support to the Edit area.
  • Changed Console.readWord to skip to EOL if there are no other printing characters on the line. Other methods such as readInt and readLong use readWord will be similarly affected.
  • Added Turtle constructor that allows you to specify penColor, penWidth, heading and position.
  • Added a popup menu to the Edit pane.
  • Changed the amount of time Jurtle runs unlicensed from 15 minutes to 10 minutes.
  • On Windows, we update a startup configuration file in order to add the tools.jar file to the classpath when you set it in the Admin preferences.
  • Changed for clarity some of the wording in the Admin part of the Preferences dialog.
  • There is now a new command to generate and view the Javadoc of the selected class.
  • Added button in Unlicensed Dialog that takes you to the Kagi site to purchase license.
  • Made a change so the Display image persists when the Display area is resized. We don't re-create the Display image until a Turtle is re-run.
  • Fix a bug where the Compile All command was not working on Windows.
  • We now correctly enable/disable the Cut/Copy/Paste commands when the focus is on the Edit buffer.

Version 1.0 (11/3/2003)
  • Fixed BrowserLauncher to work with the Apple Panther release.
  • Made small change in the way getPosition() returns the turtl'e position. It now rounds the coordinates rather than truncating them.
  • We now ask the user before automatically loading a folder associated with a lesson.
  • Changed the Toggle Comment shortcut to Cmd-T. The old Cmd-/ didn't work on Apple's 1.4 Java.
  • Incorporated the proofreader's corrections into the Lessons and User Manual.